Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus exists to promote individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican Party by:

  1. promoting these ideals among Party officials and its various organizations,
  2. identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these ideals, and
  3. promoting Caucus membership among Republican Party registrants, officials, and officeholders.

While rolling back decades of government “nannyism” will require a great deal of public education and grassroots lobbying, the most important means of changing public policy is to change public officials. Therefore, the Republican Liberty Caucus works to elect pro-liberty Republicans to offices at all levels, partisan and non-partisan, in both primary and general elections.

If you agree with this mission, please join us (minimum dues: $30). Dues-paying members of the Caucus can run for positions in the Caucus. More importantly, the dues are re-directed to the Wisconsin RLC so we can pursue our mission in the state of Wisconsin.

Programs and Activities

The RLC has an ongoing list of projects and programs that enable us to pursue our mission. By education and outreach for liberty, changing the Republican Party from within, influencing elected officials, and forming pro-liberty coalitions, the RLC has been able to achieve solid results.

  • The Liberty Index: The Republican Liberty Caucus maintains a liberty rating system, The Liberty Index, to track and identify the pro-liberty voting records of Members of Congress. The Index began in 1991 and is compiled and distributed annually by the RLC. We hope to develop a Liberty Index for the Wisconsin state legislature, too.
  • Public Outreach for Liberty: The Republican Liberty Caucus sponsors efforts at state and national GOP events to educate our fellow citizens about the Founding principles and recruit new members for our Caucus.
  • Candidate Endorsements: As a 527 political caucus, the RLC can endorse candidates for public office. We endorse candidates who agree with our Statement of Principles and Positions.
  • Issue Advocacy: The Republican Liberty Caucus advances issues in a variety of ways, such as through media appearances, press releases, and through direct contact with legislators.
  • Liberty Compact: The Republican Liberty Caucus sponsors and distributes The Liberty Compact, a pledge signed by local, state, and national candidates to identify those who support the RLC’s mission.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: The RLC publishes a quarterly Wisconsin newsletter to advance liberty in the state of Wisconsin. Click here to subscribe.
  • Political Training: The Republican Liberty Caucus hosts, presents, and sponsors various training programs for RLC state/local chapters, grassroots activists, party leaders, and candidates across the country. The seminars focus on a variety of topics including voter identification, candidate training, recruiting volunteers, and political messaging.

Additionally, many of our members serve in their local Republican Party organizations and several of our members have been elected and re-elected to political office.

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