Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin Supports Budget Repair Bill

February 18th, 2011

Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin Supports Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill

For Immediate Release: February 18, 2011
Contact: Michael S. Murphy, Chairman

MILWAUKEE, WI. — The Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin, a state affiliate of the Republican Liberty Caucus, officially endorses and supports Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. The decision to endorse Governor Walker and the Republican Legislation’s efforts to pass the repair bill resulted in a unanimous decision amongst the RLC-WI’s Board of Directors.

Wisconsin RLC Chairman, Michael S. Murphy, spoke in strong support of the repair bill. “The RLC-WI supports Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Legislation in their efforts to curtail runaway government spending. We also want to commend these brave lawmakers for standing strong against oppositional union forces, which have resulted in numerous threats to their safety already. The RLC-WI stands behind this effort 100% and we hope that not one Republican Legislator waivers in their decision to support this bill before it is made into law.”  Murphy continued, “We are especially proud of the seven RLC-WI endorsed State Representatives, who recently took office after winning their respective elections in November, 2010. They are truly upholding the RLC standard and keeping their committed promises to reduce government spending.”  

The seven RLC-WI endorsed State Representatives are: André Jacque (Dist 2), Jim Steineke (Dist 5), Chris Kapanga (Dist 33), Evan Wynn (Dist 43), Jeremy Thiesfeldt (Dist 52), Scott Krug (Dist 72), and Roger Rivard (Dist 75).

Although the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin endorsed Governor Walker’s Republican Primary opponent, Mark Neumann, during the 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Primary, this bill to limit government spending falls right in line with the mission of the RLC. 

Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus works to advance the Republican principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free market economics. Learn more about the Wisconsin Caucus at

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